Stonecrest research


Topic: Viability of healthcare, transportation, technology, and tourism as an industry for economic development in Stonecrest.


Stonecrest Georgia 30038

Stonecrest is a city present in Dekalb Country, Georgia, United States. The city’s boundaries are associated with a southeastern corner, including some portion of the north of Interstate 20 and the city of Stonecrest was founded in 2017.

Healthcare at Stonecrest: The city has developed healthcare viability by introducing different hospitals to provide the community with public health facilities. It has maintained the quality of life among the city’s residents by providing them with access to both the public and private sectors. Some of the healthcare organizations in Stonecrest include Emory Hillandale Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Stonecrest Medical Center, and Emory Clinic. These healthcare centers provide most

of the Stonecrest population’s basic facilities, including adult and behavioral health, family medicine, laboratory, and gynecology. The policy and goal of Stonecrest is to promote safety and welfare along with emergency services. The graph presents the preference percentage of the quality of quality in Stonecrest:

Transportation: Moving people and goods in a must for economic development in Stonecrest. The city ranks fifth in logistic and freight employment, increasing its chances of developing transportation and economy. A state of the art 21st century regional transportation system in Stonecrest would provide the community with driving options similar to Tampa, Florida and other municipalities should be explored. One of the developmental policies of Stonecrest is to provide the community with different transportation alternatives to control the rate of automobile dependency. Stonecrest also considers walkability.

Economic development: The viability of economic development is high in Stonecrest. The city’s developmental framework focuses on improving the economy through business attraction, recruitment, quality of life, and marketing and branding techniques. The creation of the marketing campaign will invest in improving the industrial and business sector of Stonecrest. The city also partners with DeKalb Schools to promote educational support and resources. Collaboration with different agencies of DeKalb Country also strengthened its economic development. The

Demographics at Stonecrest
Average home value
Average Household Income
Median Age

Economic facilities provided by DeKalb County include financing and incentives, site selection, small business resources, down payment assistance, and brownfield assistance.

Technology:  Stonecrest focus is to encourage and recruit innovative business technologies to ensure strategic economic development. Soliciting a complex technological development at Stonecrest to attract business connectivity and recruitment. Stonecrest also should explore  technology to support Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Promoting public safety using the technology of real-time cameras is also a part of technological advancement. Also, the involvement of mobile technologies in Stonecrest will assist in smart growth, transit, and technology.

Tourism: One of the needs of Stonecrest is to use historical resources to promote tourism within the city. This may be accomplished by coordinating a tourist strategy and collaborating with “Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area and various business chambers” efforts. The improvements within the tourism industry will also contribute to the city’s economic development. The oversight board of Stonecrest also should consider the representation of neighborhood organizations, conversation groups, and tourism sites to engage and attract the community. The tourism sector has moderate viability and needs improvements to strengthen the industry.

SWOT Analysis of Stonecrest Georgia 30038
i. Strong Community Work Program

ii. Developed healthcare sector.

iii. Higher economic development.
i. Lack of quality in regional shopping.

ii. Crime rate.

iii. Use of future land map.
i. Lack of stable surface of plants and animals.

ii. Technological and regional advancement.
i. Transportation opportunities.

ii. Economic development.

iii. Housing opportunities.